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Brief Overview.
« on: February 01, 2011, 09:14:13 AM »

"Run away, run away, to Nowhere Town. We're gonna go where we can't be found. The winners always win, the sinners always sin."

In war-time, not-too-distant future England, the market town of Ludlow is growing. Due to the war, the rural villages have been emptied of workers. The rebellious youth have been awoken, and anarchy rules the streets after dark. The War continues to rage overseas.

The people of Ludlow have continued to thrive without the majority of their workers. Doll Jakobs, a mysterious resident of Ludlow has risen to the job of Mayor. She is also the Warden for the Immortals that hide in plain sight.

Vampires and Wolves roam amongst the Humans, unknown to the ordinary mortal. The Warden rules the Immortals with an iron fist, brutally and strictly. Rumors tell us that the Warden is not a normal Immortal, neither Vampire nor Wolf, and many words have been tossed around, including demon. She has been around for hundreds of years, her immense power literally washing over the town of Ludlow and it's surrounding area, keeping the humans in a constant state of fear, but unknowingly. They believe it is a result of the military on constant guard in the Town. The population has reverted to older times for some things, such as horses and older, easier to repair cars for transport, water wheels for power and individual towns' supplies of sheep, cows, chickens, etc. The Regiments have the majority of the technology.

At the peak of the beginning of the War, England saw one of her darkest days, in the form of a week long bombing of London, in what became known as the Battle of London. The air-raid sirens activated, the panicked residents of London rioted, lit fires, and along with the bombs, left parts of the capital in ruins. Martial law was declared, and terrified residents fled the UK for the relative safety of Europe, with the exception of the European cities that were bombed as well, like Paris. While London has been rebuilt in the 30 years following the Battle, the resulting Exodus dropped many villages into ruin, but the Immortals made sure Ludlow didn't fall victim to the rebels ransacking the surrounding Villages, and Mayor Doll Jakobs took a single title. Ludlow still flourishes now under the rule of Warden Jakobs, Immortals and Humans alike know her as the Warden. As a result of Ludlow being the only town thoroughly thriving, the Immortal residents nicknamed it 'Nowhere Town'. It has been several years, and the town is now known as Nowhere Town to many.

All answer to the Warden: Vampires, Wolves and Humans alike, still unknowing of the Immortal presence. She has rule of Dictator and her word is final, it is law. Any found disobeying orders and commands will find themselves in the hands of the ruthless Regiment, trigger-happy soldiers who are trained to fight rebels. There is an uneasy alliance between the Vampires and Wolves. Most get along fine. Should You step out of line, or arrive a stranger in town, You will get one warning, then shot on sight.

Here is a living example of Disorder, Chaos and Anarchy.
This is Nowhere Town.
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Warden of Ludlow